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Equiptment Leasing
Many of our customers throughout the UK have chosen to lease time and time again.


Growth potential
The acquisition of the equipment necessary to improve operating efficiency, maintain growth and improve business margins, can be facilitated by scheduling affordable lease payments throughout the life of the asset.

Conserved capital
Lack of capital resources can result in businesses putting off vital equipment procurement decisions and missing business expansion opportunities. Leasing the equipment however still gives you the option to invest capital in other areas of your operation.

Confidence in planning
A leasing agreement will not change because of fluctuations in interest rates. This simplifies budgeting and helps you overcome uncertainty in business forecasting.

Additional credit line
A business' ability to utilise loan or overdraft facilities is not affected by choosing to lease. The organisation still retains the flexibility essential for developing future business initiatives, responding to unforeseen factors and reacting to competitive pressures.

Avoids obsolescence
Contemporary equipment is vulnerable to the advances expected in technology. Leasing allows you to upgrade, exchange or supplement existing equipment as new models become available.

100% financing
A deposit need not be a prerequisite of your leasing arrangement. You simply make regular lease payments throughout the life of the agreement.

Tax efficient
Leasing payments made during the agreement can be offset against taxable profits, reducing the net cost of leasing the equipment.

At TOPS we understand leasing and can advise our clients accordingly. Please contact us for more details

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